Eurocanards compared

The following table shows what is in operational service as of late 2019 based on best available open source material.


Notes: Gripen has completed integration work with a cruise missile but this has not been seen on frontline aircraft. HMS/D may be at early stage of use with Qatari Rafale but no photos have emerged to support this. EW DRFM status is a guess based on available open source information but is most questionable. Rafale can access IR imagery from Mica IR missiles, dual waveband DDM-NG (missile warning system) and IR channel of Talios pod (Nav FLIR/IRST) and close to IR bandwidths from optical system. Much test and integration work has been done on Typhoon AESA.



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  1. Kartik

    The Rafale now does have a was a part of the India Specific Enhancements package that was paid for additionally as part of the 36 Rafale contract. It is an Israeli HMDS, most likely Targo.

  2. Kartik

    Another mistake- the Rafale has OSF, which is a laser rangefinder with TV channel and also IRST and FLIR.

    Please correct these mistakes.

  3. Kartik

    Another correction- the India Specific Enhancements for IAF’s 36 Rafale jets also included a Towed Decoy. Not sure exactly which one, since Dassault did not disclose the type.

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