About Hush-Kit

The miracle and wonder of flight, which has inspired poets, philosophers and madmen, has dwindled into a workaday procedure that we anticipate with the same enthusiasm we feel when we visit the dentist.” JG Ballard

Hush-Kit is reminding the world of the beauty of flight.

“The world’s best aviation blog…if you have any interest in aviation, you’ll be surprised, entertained and fascinated by Hush-Kit- a quality blog.”

 — Rowland White, author of the best-selling ‘Vulcan 607’

“Excellent aviation blog”

– Popular Mechanics

“This dude knows airplanes”

— David Axe, War is Boring

Joe Coles is one of the brightest, funniest people I know, and the only writer who makes aviation interesting to me. He manages to find something human in the cold, war-spattered world of planes, and brings light to the darkest subjects.”

— Eva Wiseman, Observer

Well-informed and always entertaining, Hush-Kit places aviation in the wider context. Flying has never seemed so thrilling.”

Mark Townsend, multi award-winning journalist, war correspondent and author of ‘Point Man

“Hush-Kit is undoubtedly a distinguished website. One of the few that brings to the attentive reader, details brought by the actors directly involved – pilots, engineers, editors- that are generally neglected by ordinary media.”

 –Vianney Riller Jr, Test Pilot, Aerospace & Defense Analyst/Consultant. Aircraft Evaluation Pilot (12k+ flt/hrs 80+ types / fixed and rotary wing)

“An online emporium of off-beat aviation factoids, aeronautical writing whimsy and forgotten aerospace history, with often laugh-out-loud picture captions.”

— Tim Robinson, The Royal Aeronautical Society 

Hush-Kit will remind readers of how remarkable and beautiful flying is. How as we leave the century of flight for the century of the plane crash, it’s time to take a new look at aviation. Considering the epic impact that aviation has had on our world, Hush-Kit knows that all things can be viewed from an aeronautical perspective.

Want to have a look?

Hush-Kit is jam-packed with exclusive articles, news, art and gossip- all from an aeronautical perspective.

Hush-Kit has a  host of wonderful contributors including: Former BAe test pilot Dave Eagles, the Observer’s Home Affairs Editor and former war-correspondent Mark Townsend, Combat Aircraft Monthly‘s Thomas Newdick, Grazia‘s Morwenna Ferrier, and the Former Deputy Editor of Aeroplane, Nick Stroud.

Edited & created by Joe Coles

Hush-Kit is the alternative aviation blog.


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  1. ameenahawk

    My country one of the partner with Dassault Aviation ,procuring Rafale as found out to be one of the most cost effective beautifully designed aircraft

  2. pickledwings

    I really like your blog here!

    I’m a Canadian expat living in the Czech Republic, so I have strong connections to two countries with long standing and significant aviation industries. Your blog is just one more great one for me to follow!

  3. Neile Jones

    I just discovered your site (you started following me on Twitter) and I am very impressed! Just the sort of site I’ve been looking for for ages. Thanks

  4. Avro Arrow

    This is superb! There’s just so much to see here that it’s impossible to get bored if you love aircraft like I do!

  5. Phil

    Just watched your tube video on the 10 worst British aircraft, you don’t happen to be a American company by chance haven’t seen your portrayal of the 10 worst American aircraft yet have you done one?.

  6. Iqbal

    Hi – tried to donate on paypal but it said there was in issue with your email? Big fan, would love to chip in a bit. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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