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‘I absolutely love this book. Seriously well-informed, seriously funny, authoritative and full of passion for its subject.  The care lavished on aeroplanes that never even existed beyond the drawing board is worth the price of admission alone.  Joe Coles always finds a fresh angle on a familiar subject, but he’s even better bringing to life an unfamiliar one.  Or just letting imagination run riot with unlikely flights of fancy that still somehow manage to ring true.  Every word and every picture in The Hush-kit Book of Warplanes has been chosen with a knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to detail that’s irresistible.  No one writes about aviation like Joe Coles.  We’re lucky to have him. The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes is my aviation book of the year.’

– Rowland White

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Of course the Sabre was the most important Cold War aircraft, here’s why

The Cold War took a brief rest between the early 1990s and the 2010s, but serious tension between the largest former Soviet nation and the West has now returned. At the forefront of the original Cold War was air power, and this fearful age sired a multitude of incredible and often long-lived warplanes. In the […]

Taliban helicopters, a Black Hawk veteran pilot’s thoughts

Jack ‘Whopper’ McCain fought in Afghanistan in the Blackhawk and MH-60S ‘Sierra’ helicopter. He also trained Afghan servicemen to fly. Following a recent crash by a Taliban-seized H-60, I asked Jack for his thoughts on the Taliban‘s potential use of helicopters. How many US or former Afghan armed forces aircraft have fallen into Taliban hands? It […]

10 Reasons I loved Flying the Tornado

Faster than any aircraft at extremely low altitudes, the Tornado was a Cold War strike fighter designed to take on the might of the Warsaw Pact in the grimmest of North and Central European weather, day or night. Michael Napier flew this fearsome machine for five years from RAF Bruggen, Germany, and fell in love. […]

Did Bill Gunston successfully envision a stealthy superfighter jump-jet – or is it just a load of hot gas?

Gunston ‘Stealth VTOL’ Concept Assessment Warplanes of the Future was my favourite childhood book. The cover featured an exciting vision of futuristic jet fighters. The lead aircraft was a creation of the author, the inimitable Bill Gunston. We asked Jim Smith, who was involved in the assessment of real-life advanced VTOL combat aircraft if Gunston’s […]


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