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‘I absolutely love this book. Seriously well-informed, seriously funny, authoritative and full of passion for its subject. The care lavished on aeroplanes that never even existed beyond the drawing board is worth the price of admission alone. Joe Coles always finds a fresh angle on a familiar subject, but he’s even better bringing to life an unfamiliar one. Or just letting imagination run riot with unlikely flights of fancy that still somehow manage to ring true. Every word and every picture in The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes has been chosen with a knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to detail that’s irresistible. No one writes about aviation like Joe Coles. We’re lucky to have him. The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes is my aviation book of the year.’

– Rowland White

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I flew Sea Harriers for the Indian Navy

The Sea Harrier served the Indian Navy until 2016. We spoke to Commodore Jaideep Avinash Maolankar (retired) to find out more about this unique British fighter-bomber. Describe the Sea Harrier in 3 words Can I use three phrases instead? Feral yet refined (think Lord Greystoke/Tarzan) Separated the men from the boys (wink-wink “Harrier Boys”). No…

Hawker Typhoon versus Eurofighter Typhoon

Aircraft take on their historical namesakes in air-to-air combat The comedian and historian Al Murray suggested that I compare historical namesakes. As he had me in a headlock at the time of asking, I felt compelled to consider the idea. I pleaded with him that this concept couldn’t be easily described in an internet-friendly title,…

Interview with Merlin helicopter pilot

Commander ‘Grassy’ Knowles gives us the low-down on flying and fighting in this 14-ton Anglo-Italian masterpiece of helicopter design. ORDER THE HUSH-KIT BOOK OF WARPLANES HERE Describe the Merlin in three words? Flexible, Fast, Maritime. What’s the best thing about it? Its flexibility, for a naval aircraft which all suffer what I call the tyranny of dispersion -…

The Worst French aircraft manufacturer?

Is this aircraft company the French Blackburn? If there’s one thing that social media knows about aircraft, it’s that the Blackburn Blackburn is the perfect meme. Of course, I must remember my social media may be different to yours, and you might not be mired in the Groundhog Day of aviation twitter, where ancient jokes…


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