Aviation beauty pageant 2019: Readers’ vote

airplane_jet_fighter_flanker_airshow_military_sukhoi_su_27-1170481We asked Hush-Kit followers to vote on the which aircraft were the most beautiful. Surprisingly, their voting choices were not completely insane. 

Round 1 

Widebody booty


Boeing Dreamliner 787 Dreamliner


Airbus A350 XWB 

With its sharky tail, sawtooth engine nacelles and slimmer body we expected the Dreamliner to walk this, but the results were tighter than the elbows of EasyJet passengers. Both aircraft have lovely noses, with the A350 having a more distinctive cockpit windows, like a fast train wearing goggles. Wingwise the Dreamliner has the edge, with its lovely raked back tips and flappy flexibility.


Round 2

European Middleweight clash 

Eurofighter Typhoon 


Dassault Rafale 


The Matt & Luke of the fighter world, the Typhoon and Rafale are very similar yet provoke more rows than almost any other two types. The Typhoon suffers from a plasticy look, a fussy boxy intake and a lack of curves, the Rafale a dorky 60s refuelling probe and what looks like a catering-size box of clingfilm strapped onto its fin. Clearly, this had to go to Rafale, because despite Typhoon’s noble canopy, lovely nose and decent proportions, the French aircraft is far prettier. Rafale TF-102-esque forward fuselage and kidney intakes are an absolute treat of delicious Henry Moore curves, the canards are a small and perky detail set neatly close to the not overly large wing. The overall design is compact with some lovely detail features such as the gold flash cockpit and serrated stealthy panel edges. The unusual jet nozzles are rather bland but overall the Rafale is a beautiful aircraft, something reflected in readers’ votes.



Round 3

Fourth Gen Heavyweights 

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle


Sukhoi T-10 ‘Flanker’ series 

f-16-f-15-aggressor-usafflank .png

Bill Sweetman noted that the the ‘Flanker’ “..looks incomparably bad-ass, as if God designed a pterodactyl to go Mach 2.” and our readers generally agreed. The Eagle is beautiful too, but more butch than elegant (with its undercarriage out the F-15 does look very awkward).



Round 4

Supersonic airliners 

Tupolev Tu-144


Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde

A poetic swan or Darth Vader’s weekend runaround? Come on!





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