Fiendishly Hard Aircraft Quiz 3


Here’s a real tricky one, place your answers in the comments section and the answers will be revealed next week. Good luck! 

1. The maximum take-off weight of the Mi-26, the world’s heaviest helicopter, is:

A. 56000 kg

B. 66000 kg

C.76000 kg

D. 112000 kg

2. How many RFC aircraft were lost in ‘Bloody April’ (April 1917)?


3. The first air victory scored in the Greek-Italian campaign (40-41) was achieved by a Greek pilot, what type of aircraft was he flying?

4. In which country did the first recorded use of napalm in combat take place, and from which aircraft was it deployed?

5. What was the first RAF unit to be declared operational with the Tornado F.Mk 3, and in what year?


6. What was the greatest number of enemy aircraft destroyed by a US Navy pilot in one mission?

7. What was the nationality of the first pilot to take off and land from Japan’s Hosho aircraft carrier?


8. What is the thrust-to-weight ratio of a Eurojet EJ200 in full afterburner? Can you name an active fighter engine with a higher thrust-to-weight ratio?

9. In what year did an aircraft first exceed Mach 2?

10. In what year was the electro-mechanical flight simulator invented?


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  1. Grob Grobolink

    With no cheating:
    1. C
    2. About 200
    3. PZL P.24
    4. France, P-38
    5. 56 squadron 1986ish
    6. 7
    7. British
    8. No idea, and no idea.
    9. 1953
    10. 1930

  2. Glen Towler

    3.Gloster Gladiator
    5. 29 Sqn 1986
    6. 8
    7. British
    8. 2.2 MIG 31
    10. 1920 The link Trainer
    with no cheating

  3. supercomputing

    1. A) 56,000 Kg is the MTOW of a Russian MIL mi-26.
    2. Around 245 or so aircraft for the Royal Flying Corp were wiped out.
    3. Second Lt Marios Mitralexis (not sure of the spelling). seems he is famous amongst some of the Greek old enough to remember.

    {{ Comment – The picture seems incorrect. As far as I can tell it looks like Royal Indian Air Force or regular Indian Air Force, maybe a mistaken for a Greek pilot? There is a distinct set of Indian flags on the fuselage, maybe indicating kills?? Has nothing to do with the questions, You tell me! }}

    4. The US developed napalm and were the first to use it, but not sure of which aircraft was used against the Germans in WW2. The British did use it soon afterwards against a German Panzer column with the well known Mosquito aircraft. aorund the same time (1944? near WW2 tail end).
    5. 29th Squadron, late 1987…
    6. 8 kiils by a US Navy pilot on a single mission might be the highest.
    7. Ha! British pilots, I suspected since you (blog writer are British after all :-)).
    8. The TTW ratio for the Ej200 is something like 9:1 (max). I think it is used in the Eurofighter project. I remember it lost to the GE engine with the Indian Tejas LCA had a bid for.
    9. The US F-104 Starfighter, It did look cool and sexy but was dangerous or had a poor safety record.
    10. 1927 is my answer.

    Whew! that was fun….

  4. Jon Lake

    Without googling anything except the weights of fighter engines…..

    Fiendishly Hard Aircraft Quiz 3

    Picture 1: Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket launching from B-29
    Picture 2: Squadron Leader MM Alam, PAF in his F-86F-35-NA
    Picture 3: Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldivers and an Essex-class carrier.
    Picture 4: Tornado ‘EF.Mk 3’ SEAD jet with ALARM
    Picture 5: Typhoon with DASS, so not an early German aircraft!

    1. the lowest of these – so 56000 kg!
    2. About 250-300 RFC (and RNAS, presumably) aircraft were lost in ‘Bloody April’. If I have to be specific, then let’s go midway and say 275.
    3. PZL P-24
    4. B-17s or B-24s dropping napalm filled bombs on Berlin predated Operation Bullbasket with Mosquitos dropping nape in France.
    5. 29 Squadron was the first RAF unit to be declared operational with the Tornado F.Mk 3, in late 1987.
    6. ‘Swede’ Vegtasa claimed seven enemy aircraft destroyed in one mission, though the records do not support his claim.
    7. British pilots were the first to take off and land from Japan’s first aircraft carrier, the Hosho.
    8. About 9.1-9.3 to one, depending what weight figure you believe. If you class the AL-41F as an active fighter engine then that, otherwise the F119.
    9. Late 1953 or early 1954 – Scott Crossfield in the Skyrocket, like in the picture!
    10. If the Link trainer was electro-mechanical – 1927. Otherwise, who knows?

  5. Toady

    Staying honest to what I know or reasonably guess

    #1 A
    #2 300
    #3 PZL P24
    #4 Japan, modified weather balloon
    #5 1989
    #6 Ace of Aces Lt. Campbell shot down 9 in one mission during the Mariana’s turkey shoot.
    #7 British
    #8:1; F-119 as used on the F-35
    #9 1953
    #10 1922

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