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Where, when and what? 1930s stealth fighter?

Where, when and what? 1930s stealth fighter?

Without Googling or Binging, can you tell you identify this?

Which weapon has armed the ‘Bear’, Buccaneer, Sea King and the Il-38?

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Who was Sweden’s flying farm girl?


Expert Level Aviation Quiz: Hush-Kwiz Mk II


Try this delightful, challenging aviation quiz! Answers at bottom of page.


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1. In what year was the first mail delivered by air?

2. What is Harrison Ford’s favourite aircraft?


3. How many kills were scored by the most successful fighter pilot to wear

4. What aircraft was nicknamed ‘The Whistling Shithouse”?

5. What was the flyaway cost of an RF-4C Phantom in 1965?

6. The last confirmed kill by a biplane occurred in what year? What were the
nationalities of the aircraft involved?


7. Which US-built aircraft scored the most kills in the Second World War?

8. Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding was not:
a) A vegetarian?
b) A spiritualist?
c) A single parent?
d) A teetotaller?

9. What links the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, the Hawker Hurricane and the Fairey
Swordfish floatplane?

10. Which of the following names were considered by NATO for the Tupolev Tu-22 before it decided on ‘Blinder’?

a) Bulldog
b) Beauty
c) Bastard
d) Brickbat

11. Identify this aircraft Image



1. The first air mail was delivered in 1785 form Dover to Calais in a balloon manned by John Jeffries and Jean Pierre Blanchard. Only one letter out of a sack. The rest got chucked over the side along with the brave crew’s clothes. Nonetheless it counts.
2. Harrison Ford‘s favourite aircraft is the de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Beaver. Obviously.
3. Otto Kissenberth scored 20 kills in glasses. Interestingly his last kill was scored in a captured Sopwith Camel. He is one of three known spectacle-wearing aces, the others being Walter Kykpe and Kurt Wintgens. 
4. Whistling Shithouse was the Supermarine Stranraer so named for the weird noise that the on-board toilet made in flight.
5. The flyaway cost of an RF-4C Phantom II in 1965 was 2.3 million dollars which equates to approximately 17 million today apparently. This looks like pretty good value compared to, say, the F-22. Where is the RF-22 Photo-Raptor anyway?
6. 1944. An Insurgent Slovak Avia B-534 shot down a Hungarian Junkers Ju 52.
7. Bell P-39 Airacobra
8. As you know, Dowding was not a teetotaller.
9. All these aircraft have made successful un-arrested carrier landings. A whole squadron in the case of the Hurricane.
10. NATO considered both ‘Beauty’ and ‘Bastard’ for the Tu-22. ‘Beaut’y was considered too praiseworthy for an ‘enemy’ aircraft. Hilariously ‘Bastard’ was considered not to convey enough respect. Whereas ‘Blinder’ is just fine because putting out someone’s eyes is obviously miles better than being an illegitimate child, or quite good-looking.
11. The IAe 24 Calquin, though I suspect that’s too easy.

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HUSH-KIT AVIATION QUIZ 2012: PRIZE for first correct answers- HUSH-KWIZ


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  1. In what year and where were the first aircraft weapons used?
  2. Name a museum, outside of the UK, where an ALARM missile can be seen?
  3. What was the first fighter to have an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar?
  4. When was the last air-to-air (officially verified) ‘kill’ by a RAF pilot in an RAF aircraft, and what were the aircraft involved? Image
  5. What was the last aircraft shot down over England?
  6. Which helicopter type has been produced in the largest number, and how many have been made?
  7. What links gin, magnesium and the Bell XP-59A?
  8. What is the most re-used aeroplane type name (i.e ‘Lightning’, ‘Commander’ etc)?
  9. ImageAmerican columnist Marilyn vos Savant has an IQ of 190. She is directly related to someone whose name has became an everyday word in aviation- who?

10. What is the largest aircraft to feature a terrain following radar (TFR)?

11. Identify this aircraft