Why support The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes Volume 2 before I have book 1? An explanation here

Supermarine Spitfire (Griffon-powered variants) - Wikipedia

I’m getting asked this a lot at the moment and it is a very fair question. Why should anyone support the second volume before receiving the first? I’ll give a quick answer. I should add that I’m not in charge of the schedule, that is with Unbound, the publisher. I’m very busy with both the site and the books so please don’t send your queries to me, send them directly to the publisher. Huge thanks for all your patience and support, this will be a very special book. Ok, so here’s the short answer:

Quickish answers

  1. Most important answer here: you of course don’t have to. You will however see some tweets and things promoting it. If you don’t wish to support volume 2 , but have supported Volume 1 then a big thanks. Sorry about the promo but I need to do this. I will always endeavour to make the promo entertaining and informative in its own right. We’re starting book 2 to get it out as fast as possible and to ensure the minimum time between volume 1 and 2.
  2. If it doesn’t hit funding targets it won’t happen. If it hits targets late it will be created very late. I’ve asked for assurances from Unbound of a far speedier turnaround for volume 2 which they’ve agreed to, but this is dependent on hitting 100% funding in a reasonable time.
  3. This model of book creation (crowd funded) means development of the book doesn’t start until funding reaches 100%, this is part of the reason it seems to take so long: the supporter is hearing about the book for up to four months before work has begun (often the opposite to the conventional model). The good news is the crowdfunding gives me full editorial control, nothing is diluted.

Again, enormous thanks. I’m as hungry as you to see this on the shelf. I’ll be sharing the latest spreads from the book soon so you can see how beautifully it is shaping up.


Preorder Volume 2 here and make this happen. Pre-order volume 1 here.

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