Hush-Kit to return to YouTube

When I discovered someone had pinched a Hush-Kit article and fed the text to a robot voice on YouTube I was initially annoyed. Then I looked at the viewing figures. If this chancer was doing so well with one of those infuriating robot voices maybe there was an appetite for ones with real voice-overs. Making the films was a steep learning curve. Finding an appropriate voiceover artist, learning how to record and edit the audio, learning how to source and edit appropriate footage — and then making the thing – all took a great deal of time. It was all a bit of a ball-ache, and took me away from what I enjoyed: researching and writing.  But I was gratified to find people were watching. Wading through the abusive comments you receive as a YouTuber, deleting the mad racist crap and replying to the hundreds of questions also takes a great deal of time. We then had some issues with YouTube, but touch wood these are now resolved and we hope to make more films. We will restart production when we get to 30K viewers. You can help by subscribing here.



  1. Pilot2

    I’ve watched the videos from the start, but for me they were too long. Please try to make them shorter and also get proved recording equipment.

    Thank you for the effort

    • Hush Kit

      Thanks for your feedback. The length is something we think about a lot, generally viewers have said they prefer the longer ones. The mics are broadcast quality, think you may be referring to the earlier films when I was getting my head round mastering/levels etc. Have consulted with soundmen so hope to have improved in that area.

  2. Barry Larking

    I was surprised to find Hush Kit on YouTube. The effort could be rewarding and the audience much larger; I have folowed the excellent Tank Museum Tank Chats for sometime. The nonsense in comments is inevitable – the dopey adolescents and green ink brigade – but don’t let that put you off – and do not engage with them. ‘The Ten ….” series ought to go on purely for the wit of the scripts. Many Best Wishes.

  3. Kartik

    Given the quality of your posts, I’d welcome seeing Hush Kit back on YT. Too many YT videos done by rank amateurs who really don’t know the subject that they’re talking about very well. And to think that someone would steal your content and put it on YT is sad. I also hope Hush Kit will be able to monetize the videos through large number of views.

  4. Ade Carnally

    Just watched the Worst French Aircraft video, (well done for getting it down to ten, lots to go at) loved the tell it like it is commentary (get their shit together!!). All power to you Sir and bollocks to the naysayers.

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