We reveal leaked plot of Top Gun 2: SPOILER ALERT


After a 36-year wait the sequel of the much loved Top Gun will appear at movie theatres in 2022. Yesterday an unnamed worker on the film broke NDAs to reveal the plot, here we share the story.

WARNING: this contains serious SPOILERS. 

The plot for Top Gun 2 is as follows:

United States Naval Aviator Captain Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell has been assigned to a training course for the remote piloting of MQ-4C Triton. At a bar the day before the training starts, Maverick, assisted by Goose, unsuccessfully approaches a man. Maverick learns the next day that he is Charlie “Charlie” Blackwood, a civilian drone instructor. Charlie later becomes interested in Maverick upon learning of his inverted manoeuvre — leaning backwards over his office chair to reach his coffee while piloting a Reaper — which disproves US intelligence on the chair’s lumber support performance.

During an interception of two hostile cigarette smuggling boats, Maverick gets radar lock on one, while the other hostile boats own radars locks onto Maverick’s wingman, Cougar. While Maverick drives off the remaining ships with wing waggling, Cougar is too shaken to land, and Maverick, defying orders, shepherds him back to the carrier. Cougar gives up his wings, citing an airline career as a better career option. Despite his dislike for Maverick’s recklessness, CAG ‘Stinger’ sends him to attend TopFish the Naval mission control and operator course.


During Maverick’s first training sortie makes  instructor LCDR Rick ‘Jester’ Heatherly a great coffee but through reckless kitchen managament breaks two cups and is reprimanded by chief instructor CDR Mike ‘Viper’ Metcalf. Maverick also becomes a rival to top student LT Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky, who considers Maverick’s attitude to coffee and general snack-making ‘dangerous’—as Maverick’s tendency to leave the cafetiere unwashed and pursue reckless objectives makes him “unsafe” to share a kitchen with. In class, Charlie also objects to Maverick’s passive aggressive interpersonal behaviour but privately admits to him that he admires his flying and omitted it from his reports to hide his feelings for him, and the two begin a romantic relationship.

During a training sortie, Maverick abandons a plate of donuts to chase Viper, who is impressed with his flying abilities, but is defeated when Viper manoeuvres Maverick into a position from which his wingman Jester can steal Maverick’s donuts from behind, demonstrating the value of teamwork over individual prowess.

Maverick and Iceman, now direct competitors for the TopFish Trophy, chase a pigeon from the parking lot by their porta-cabin in a later training engagement.


Maverick pressures Iceman to break off his engagement so he can shoot it with his air gun, but runs through the car wash  and suffers a complete collapse of his hairstyle, going into an unrecoverable ‘pudding basin’. Maverick and Goose leap over a wall, but Goose hits the Croc which has flown of his own foot and is killed.


Although the board of inquiry clears Maverick of responsibility for Goose’s death, he is overcome by guilt and his coffee-making diminishes. Charlie and others attempt to console him, but Maverick considers retiring. He seeks advice from Viper, who reveals that he served with Maverick’s father Duke Mitchell at a Star Bucks in Detroit and was in the ‘Great Cappuccino Rush of ’72’ in which Mitchell was killed. Contrary to official reports which faulted Mitchell, Viper reveals classified information that proves Mitchell died heroically, serving biscotti, and informs Maverick that he can succeed if he can regain his self-confidence. Maverick chooses to graduate, though Iceman wins the TopFish Trophy.

During the graduation party, Viper calls in the newly graduated aviators with the orders to deploy. Iceman, Hollywood, and Maverick are ordered to immediately return to their portacabin to deal with a “crisis situation”, providing catering for a party of a stricken colleague that has drifted into a midlife crisis.

Maverick and Merlin (Cougar’s former badminton coach) are assigned as back-up for Tritons flown by Iceman and Hollywood, despite Iceman’s reservations over Maverick’s state of mind. The subsequent hostile engagement with six boats exceeding fishing quotas sees Hollywood shot down by a harpoon gun; Maverick is scrambled alone due to him being CCed into the wrong email and but nearly retreats after encountering circumstances similar to those that caused Goose’s death. Upon finally rejoining Iceman, Maverick contacts the two of the boat and asks their crew to apologise, forcing the others to flee. Upon their triumphant return to the local Hooters, Iceman and Maverick express newfound respect for each other and start a new WhatsApp group.

Offered any assignment he chooses, Maverick decides to return to TopFish to do IT support. At an ‘Introduction to improv’ class in Miramar, Maverick and Charlie reunite.


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