11 Worst Soviet Aircraft (a short film)


  1. Mark Ackerman

    Not that anyone has asked – but I’m not a big fan of the new videos that have recently taken the place of the previous postings where the viewer could view pictures and read about the aircraft. I’m afraid that I don’t have 28 minutes to watch the video. I’d really rather be able to scan the article and then read about the aircraft that I’m interested in.

    I’d suggest a compromise – create the article with static photos and text – along with video links for those that want a more complete in-depth view/history of the aircraft.

  2. Dylan Milne

    Hey Hush Kit. It’s great to see you expanding into another platform and doing so with remarkable success. It was quite clear with your debut video that youtube has a demand for this kind of content. I feel like shorter top 5 videos that would last around 10 minutes would be very suitable for both the channel and for YouTube. These could also be considered a gateway to the full lists on the site.

    Also I might suggest you keep the comments sections open – it leads to increased discourse which in turn makes more people come to the videos, additionally people come back to videos to reply to comments and often watch again increasing views further. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get as negative a response as your debut. I’m glad to see that the most recent video was longer – it shows you are willing to change things up and find what content you’d like to produce.

  3. Nicholas Mew

    I enjoyed this video. But I must say that I find that the narration is a bit slow, understandable for those with difficulties with English. The only grip I had; although I wish Sir Peter Ustinov could narrate, but alas he is in the ground.

    I look forward to the next one.

  4. Agiel

    Surprised that the M-4/3M Bison didn’t make the list. The Soviet Union’s first bash at a jet-powered strategic bomber, and it shows. It only ever had the range to hit CONUS on a one-way trip; diplomatic overtures were made to Mexico were attempted to gain access to their airstrips as diversionary airfields for these bombers. As they were supplanted by the Tu-95s they were eventually converted into tankers.

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