Our first YouTube post: The 10 Worst British Military Aircraft


  1. duker

    Its a bit silly to compare the Blackburn Beverly engine power as pitiful compared to the intial C-130. You have too look at the wing lift as well as its clear when you find the newest 777X will have an engine of lower power than the 777 it replaces. The reason is of course the new wing provides more lift which is the case with the huge wing of the Beverly -2900sq ft and the C-130A at 1745sq ft. The designed cruise speeds too were vastly different the later C130E with higher power engines was 345mph while the Bev was designed to cruise at 173mph, which was probably its biggest flaw.
    The Bev with a wing of that size had a very short takeoff and landing distance too and the bigger fuselage with an upper deck meant more troops could be carried.
    The RAF bought just less than 50 while the C-130A for USAF alone had a production run of 219 followed by the slightly different C130B of 134. Those sort of number meant continous improvements in range , speed etc were possible, including a total redesign and rebuild of the rear fusleage/tail structure was was refitted to the first 8 production models out of the huge Marietta factory. The 2 prototypes were built at Burbank.
    A later turbo prop Beverley was proposed but never happened as the Armstrong Whitworth Argosy was in the picture.

    • Lloyd Crawford

      Nevertheless, technical arguments aside, I can’t imagine any draughtsman sitting back after a couple of hours hunched over a drawing board, looking down on a line drawing of the Beverley and saying “yes, I’ve finally captured the inherent beauty of flight in a physical form”. I mean, it looks more like something that was finger painted then stuck on a fridge door in a crèche.

      • Jerry Mahan

        Alright, alright, maybe I was reaching a little bit there. Still sounds like him. Anyway, the video is fantastic and so is your website. Thanks for all you do.

      • Susan D'Onym

        I know that Jagger’s got brand — he’s top talent, don’t get me wrong. But be careful working with him — he’s got a real fixation on multi-engined aircraft, to the exclusion of all else. “Mick,” I remember saying to him one night at the Hundred Club in ’65, “there’s no way that you can argue that the Latecore 631 comes higher in the top ten than the Spitfire, no way at all.” But he was having none of it — it was always ‘Le Grand this’ and ‘Do-X that’, with him. At one point he tried to find an airline which would recondition a B-36D to carry the Stones on tour. He had a couple of operators lined up, but couldn’t get the DoD to sign one out of Davis-Monthan. No, if you want an all-round appreciation of the aircraft world, you’re going to have to branch out. Keith Richards is surprisingly broad-minded — but don’t get him started on the Edgely Optica, or you’ll never shut him up.

      • Long Branch Mike

        Mick’s always been cooler than Rod ‘I have a large trainset at home’ the Mod (not to knock Rod here, I’d have a train set installed if the wife’d allow it).

  2. Lloyd Crawford

    I thought it was the Cillit Bang guy with a load of Valium in him. Brilliant- let’s hope it gets the wonderful blog to a wider audience- anyone who hasn’t contributed to the ‘Save the Hush Kit Blog’ fund should hang their heads in shame. I’ve donated twice- 50p on one occasion! That’s how good it is. Worth 10 bob of anyone’s hard earned lucre.

  3. Lloyd Crawford

    Actually, on reflection, the narrator sounds like a less smug and boorish version of Jeremy Clarkson- with a load of Valium in him.

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