We’re looking for new contributors


Do you waste a great deal of time reading about flying machines? Do you find the way aeroplanes are written about boring? Do you find repeated questions irritating?

We’re looking for some new contributors to write about aviation in a refreshing and humorous style. There is no payment, but it will add meaning to your life and distract you from the grave and your many personal failings (there’s also a large readership and you’ll be allowed plugs).

If you’re interested, then please contact me via @Hush_kit on Twitter or our Facebook page. If you’ve successfully avoided the menace of social media then let me know in the comments section below and I can arrange another form of contact.




  1. pjstoddart

    I would be very interested in contributing. If you have the Air Enthusiast edition for autumn 2000, you will find my article on extending the Spitfire’s range. Or, I will send you a copy. No Twitter or Facebook account; contactable as below.

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