Flying into obscurity: the Portsmouth Aerocar

PortsmouthAviation-Aerocar Air University-1946-1

Only one Aerocar was built, which took its maiden flight in June 1947. This rather cute twin-boomer was powered by two 155 hp Blackburn Cirrus Majors. The pod-like fuselage could squeeze in one pilot and five passengers. It was a good design, but the world did’t want it, so the project was stopped in 1950.

PortsmouthAviation-Aerocar GAGNJ-1946-1

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  1. Christopher Balfour

    The world did want it see the number of orders. See my book ‘Spithead Express’ and another book ‘Learning from Difference to be published next month. The problem was money and, if Indian Partition had not been advanced by Mountbatten, the money would have been available. Useful comments in Arthur Ord Hume’s recent book about post war British Aircraft

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