Brief guide to RAF slang from World War II : Part 2



Arse-End Charlie: the rear gunner, also known more politely as Tail-End Charlie

Crump Dump, The: the Ruhr.

Chatterbox: machine-gun.

Flaming onions: anti-aircraft tracer rounds.

Humdinger: a fast aircraft

Hurry: A Hawker Hurricane

Kipper kits: aircraft tasked with protecting convoys in the North Sea.

Midwaaf: a bossy NCO of the Women’s Auxiliary  Air Force (from midwife).

Mouldy: a torpedo.

Screaming downhill: making a power dive.

Shagbat: a Supermarine Walrus.

Snargasher: a training aircraft (such as the North American Harvard), from tarmac-smasher.

Part 1 can be found here.

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