Danny Dire’s Guide to the Most Gangster Butterfly-Tail Aeroplanes

Danny Dyer flees the UK for South Africaalone | Daily Mail Online
Danny Dire is Hush-Kit’s Cockney Aviation Correspondent.

Wotcha, my name is Danny Dire and I wanna take ya on a tour of the toughest, most gangster bitterly tail aeroplanes. The butterfly Alderman’s Nail was invented by a jam roll of the name of Jerzy Rudlicki. Whether he did give a bit of the old rude licky on the missus’ Auntie Annie I can’t tell ya, but she did look pretty relaxed. Despite being a jam roll he was born in Odessa, I don’t have fackin’ vindaloo why. But he was a hard as nails geeza.

Here's what Wolf from Gladiators looks like now and what he's up to 20  years on - MyLondon
One of the Ruddervators.

The V-tail should give less drag than a normal tail, though the facka has to be bigger – so who knows? It’s good for National ‘ealth (stealth) though.

Rudie’s Hanriot conversion

Rudlicki pimped up his Hanriot to make the first V. What a top Bacardi Breezer.

Fouga CM.170 Magister

File:Fouga CM-170 Magister at Kuorevesi, March 1987 (34072944766).jpg -  Wikimedia Commons

Who is this cant? It’s the whistling turtle himself, the bleeding Fouga CM.170 Magister. This one is from the Patel (Vinesh Patel = Finnish) air force. Look at this fackah sitting on the Vincent Price like it owns the bloody place. The designers of the Magister must have been having a giraffe.

Beech S35 Bonanza

Beech 35 Bonanza

If you’ve got the Arthur Ashe for a light aircraft, but don’t wanna look like a Richard III, then get yourself a S35 Bonanza. Designed by Ernest Borgnine himself, it’s a tasty little motor.

1959 Beechcraft K35 Bonanza | AirplanesUSA

Boeing X-32

This chubby little cant needs to get down the Fatboy Slim and do some cardio. Also, that ain’t a v-tail, it’s a Pelikan I fink, not sure. Didn’t work in the end and they wanted an old skool tail.

What are the advantages of a Pelikan tail compared to a V-tail? - Aviation  Stack Exchange
Xenos Motorglider - Photo #1
Xenos Motorglider

Don’t let no-one tell you a motorglider ain’t hard.

Vickers Supermarine Type 508 mock-up Hursley Park December 1948Vickers Supermarine Type 508 mock-up,

Vickers Supermarine Type 508

Vickers Supermarine Type 508 VX133 in flight

Britain broke its jet Bill Wyman with a bunch of pony planes. Look at this silly slag.

Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23


Drive around Theydon Bois in a YF-23 and you’ll look like the fackin’ daddy. The Tarzan (Tarzan & Jane = plane) every bloody car wishes it was. The dog’s bollocks. Is it a Pelikan too? I dunno, don’t care.

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