Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes: New frontcover, RELEASE DATE announced…and launch of VOLUME 2

Dear supporter/aviation obsessive/patient friend,

There’s big news at the end of this but first: 
The final design for the cover is done and it looks gorgeous. Courtesy of the sleek design skills of Art Director Mark Ecob.

I can’t wait to have this beautiful badboy in my greedy hands (may need to work on phrasing here). If you have a friend who wishes to have their name featured in this book they better move fast as the design will be frozen quite soon, so do send them our way. 

The release date for The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes, which we’ve long known, has now been declassified. It is Summer 2022 (we’re actually aiming for Father’s Day but keeping it slightly vague to allow for the usual unforeseen chaos of the universe). I know the wait is agonisingly long, I certainly find it so, but that’s how long these things take. 

As we’ve got to a 180% funding-level we’ve unlocked a new pledge level. This is a very special and utterly bespoke treat: Hush-Kit creator Joe Coles (me, that is) will draw a unique (and possibly quite silly) hand-drawn sketch of an aircraft in the front of your book. Hopefully you won’t all go for this or I’ll get repetitive strain injury (that’s a joke as I already have RSI)! 

The really freaking big-as-an-Antonov-225-massive news is we are VERY soon to Launch the fundraising stage for Volume 2 of the Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes. There is such a wealth of material to share (and a bunch of new unreleased stuff) we couldn’t fit it all in volume 1 so we’re planning a Mk II, which like most Mk IIs, will be faster – we’ve planned for a far faster turnaround time to completion. I’ve learned a great deal over during the creation of Volume 1, and Volume 2 is going to be an even deeper dive into the narcotically addictive world of military aviation. This endeavor would not be possible without the brilliant success you have already made of the forthcoming Volume 1. Volume 2 can only start by you pre-ordering it and it reaching 100% funding. FINGERS CROSSED.

Thank you so much for making this possible. The book is being made with love and care and I hope you enjoy it. 

Yours in love and aeroplanes, 


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