Life on Royal Navy aircraft carrier (1960)


  1. B Good

    So the Hermes at one stage did have an airborne early warning radar capability?
    They sure missed that in the Falklands

    • Duker

      It was for the Carriers own protection at that time . Wouldnt have helped Destroyers far away from the carriers. Dont remember any circumstance in Falklands when it would have made a difference ‘for the carriers’ . For the Coventry debacle they waved off the Harriers providing some top cover. What would have helped if the COs knew how to maneuver so as to not block your angle of fire or you dont provide a full length of the ship as a target and not be bow on.

    • Duker

      More interesting was the Sea Venom, even without an afterburner, didnt sink below the carrier deck after launch. USN was OK with that, so was it just a one off or was the RN operating under different standards?

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