Upgrade gets you Su-34 mug, signed book, RAF blood chit tea towel & WW2 badge

The Sukhoi Su-34 does not have an exact Western equivalent. With a strategic un-refuelled range and agility that could challenge an F-16 it is a formidable and unusual warplane. Nicknamed the ‘Duck’ (or ‘Ootka’ in Russian) for its flattened nose the Su-34 boasts a mini-kitchen, sleeping space for the crew and a toilet (well at least in the language of a cynical estate agent it does!). It can carry 12 and half tons of weapons and 130 of the type fly with the Russian Air Force. It’s an extremely handsome machine and one that you deserve to look at while you sip your morning coffee.


In May 1941 into the Aircraft Warning Service, the civilian arm of the Army’s Ground Observer Corps was formed. Highly trained in aircraft recognition their vital skill quickly spilled into a hobby that spread across America. We celebrate the birth of the American aviation spotting obsession with this authentic reproduction of the badge worn with pride by this learnt to recognise every warplane in a glance. This is the badge of the insider, and one that marks the true military aviation enthusiast.

Dedicated to those Americans who looked skyward in defence of their nation.

A high quality tea towel decorated with the original ‘blood chit’ design handed to British aircrews flying missions over Soviet controlled regions in World War II.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the safety of aircrew who use these if downed over modern Russia.


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