Aviation history cheat notes: ‘Teddy’ Petter

610Ku9eJSGL._AC_SY445_.jpgWho? English aircraft designer, William Edward Willoughby ‘Teddy’ Petter


Who would play him in a film? Charles Hawtrey with a fake nose or  Phoebe Waller-Bridge


Born: Highgate, London


When? 1908


Famous for: Lysander, Gnat, Canberra

Westland Lysander - Wikipedia


Estimated boxing weight class: Bantam

They should have listened to him:

He was an early proponent of Britain’s thwarted supersonic efforts.

He thought simple very light agile fighters were a good idea, the Gnat/Ajeet proved successful in India but was relegated to the trainer role in the UK.  calendar.png

The almost brilliant: Whirlwind.

Did he work on the Spitfire? Yes, he worked on the ‘Westland Elevator’ which produced a ‘remarkable’ improvement in longitudinal stability.


Petter was involved in the early stages of the development of the Lightning. 

Didn’t know that he also worked on the: No surprises here I can find

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Weird fact

In January 1960 Petter left the aircraft industry forever to become a holy man. He joined the religious commune of ‘Father Forget’ in Switzerland. 


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The Welkin high altitude fighter of 1942 had a service ceiling of 44,000 ft

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  1. brian

    Today is a special day. Its been a long time since an aircraft from WW2, particularly a British Aircraft, is mentioned that I have never heard of. The Westland Welkin. Touché!

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