The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes Q&A


We are currently 33% funded

Will it be just modern warplanes? 

Nope. Warplanes of all eras.

So, why crowdfund? 

This offers me greater editorial control, allowing it be utterly uncompromised. Unbound is an award-winning publishing house who know how to manage and distribute projects of this nature.

How does that work? 

You pre-order a copy or two. Once pre-orders generate 100% of the funding target, production begins.

Will it feature new material? 

Yes. There’s a few articles I’m particularly looking looking forward to sharing there’s tons of new stuff. It will be a combination of your favourite articles from the site, suitably spruced, expanded and updated by myself – and meticulously proofread by the editors of Unbound.

When will you stop hassling us to pre-order?

When it hits 100%. I would advice you to do that quickly to avoid disappointment.

Will you say nice things about TSR.2? 

Balanced thoughts…and some provocative opinions.

Who would win in a fight between a Typhoon and Su-35? 

I’ll tell you in the book.

Will it look good in my home? 

Yes, it will. It’s gorgeous.

Any rewards? 

Yes, you get your name printed in the book. You can get signed copies. We have some very cool aeroplane card games. You can even get me or one of the Hush-Kit team to write on a subject of your choice and get that featured in the book! I mean it would have to be aircraft related and I’d have to say ‘yes’, but I’m very openminded. One person has already selected that option and I’m looking forward to seeing what they choose. I’m going to go VERY DEEP with the research for these boutique articles. Feel free to really challenge the Hush-Kit writers if you go with this option.

Convinced? Pre-order your copy here 

From the cocaine, blood and flying scarves of World War One dogfighting to the dark arts of modern air combat, here is an enthralling ode to these brutally exciting killing machines.

The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes is a beautifully designed, highly visual, collection of the best articles from the fascinating world of military aviation –hand-picked from the highly acclaimed Hush-kit online magazine (and mixed with a heavy punch of new exclusive material). It is packed with a feast of material, ranging from interviews with fighter pilots (including the English Electric Lightning, stealthy F-35B and Mach 3 MiG-25 ‘Foxbat’), to wicked satire, expert historical analysis, top 10s and all manner of things aeronautical, from the site described as

HUSHKITPLANES_SPREADS4_4.jpg“the thinking-man’s Top Gear… but for planes”.

The solid well-researched information about aeroplanes is brilliantly combined with an irreverent attitude and real insight into the dangerous romantic world of combat aircraft.



  • Interviews with pilots of the F-14 Tomcat, Mirage, Typhoon, MiG-25, MiG-27, English Electric Lighting, Harrier, F-15, B-52 and many more.
  • Engaging Top (and bottom) 10s including: Greatest fighter aircraft of World War II, Worst British aircraft, Worst Soviet aircraft and many more insanely specific ones.
  • Expert analysis of weapons, tactics and technology.
  • ssdd.jpg
  • A look into art and culture’s love affair with the aeroplane.
  • Bizarre moments in aviation history.
  • Fascinating insights into exceptionally obscure warplanes.
  • Convinced? Pre-order your copy here 


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