Aviation fanclub fashion tips – Autumn 2019, get the look


Never underestimate the seductive power of a lanyard.

Joining the fan club of a particular aircraft is a way of proudly declaring your identity, values and sense of style. But with little information online how do you avoid humiliating yourself by rocking up at a club meeting in the wrong outfit? Hush-Kit’s resident stylist and 182G Skylane skeptic Phillipa Elevon shows you how to get the look! 

Westland Wyvern Fanclub 


“There’s a Suez Crisis in my pants and you’re all invited.”

Rustic tones and themes are key to the Wyvern look. Herringbones, tweeds and heavy corduroys for him, 70s camper for her. The Westland Wyvern is the only aircraft deemed worthy of a National Trust listing and their rabid overly-sexualised legions of super-fans know it!

Grumman F-14 Tomcat Fanclub


“I’ve got a need, a need to send dickpics to my ex.”

Think pushy single guy in a bar next to Paddington station, or man who parks his yellow Audi in a disabled parking space. Combine bright coloured leather with a huge watch. Despite being an extremely impressive aircraft, the Tomcat topped the poll of ‘Least cool aircraft to love.’

Edgley Optica Fanclub 


‘The Bug-Eye Boys’ on the annual pilgrimage to Old Sarum Airfield in Wiltshire.

White cotton, vintage shades and soft hats, olive drab, and old lady shoes are the go-to look of the ‘Bug-Eye’ (nickname of the Optica) guys . The Optica community love flat caps and berets, and frequently liven up club meetings with the free use of M16s.

BAC TSR.2 Fanclub 


‘Turtley’ dominate with  roll-neck and M&S casual-wear that says, ‘I cannot stop talking about how much I hate the late 1950s Labour government’. When members tell you it would still be in service today if it had entered production, refill their whisky glass and retire to a safe distance. Return in twenty minutes and he’ll be on the homophobic jokes and sherry.

Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon Fanclub 


Flagon fans love fags! The first thing you’ll notice at a Flagon meeting is the fug of tobacco smoke, the scent of dried vobla and the free flowing homemade ‘coolant vodka’. Think thick patterned overcoats, scarves and fur-hats. Turtle or polo necks are fine if part of chunky knitwear.

WARNING: Flagon parties are notoriously uproarious, notify a loved one of the location of the party.

Viggen Fanclub 

Walk into a bar in Stockholm and you’re likely to find at least one Viggen fan. She’ll usually be behind the decks, playing Electroclash under a name like DJ Flygbassystem 90. The Viggen look is actually indistinguishable from the first-wave Electro-clash style of the early 2000s. Sequins, hotpants and a neon thrust-bucket reverser are all de rigueur.




  1. Nikita

    As a russian i can say that the guys pictured is an IL-62 fan club. For the Flagon they should be more sporty and relaxed. Think reefer with a fur neckpiece, more wide trousers chino style, thick wool sweater. No scarf! Should be a “dog” hat with long fur.
    Vodka as usual, canned meat. Party should be with guitar playing, tourist songs. In IL-62 fan club party should be vodka and liquors with salads, music from records: 70-s soviet disco, movie songs.
    Style references:

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