Plane-spotting exhibition in London


This is a very pared-down version of the full-scale exhibition that Dorian held last November. Hush-kit asked Dorian a few questions about this successful exhibition back then, but he’s been so overwhelmed with interest it’s taken until now to get a response.

WHY a Plane-Spotting Exhibition?

Well, most people put all the old shit they find in the attic onto eBay but I thought it would be more fun to have an exhibition. Also, I have calculated that I must have drunk a thousand glasses of free wine at other people’s Art Opening Nights, and it was time I put something back in. On reflection, it would have been interesting to record each glass of wine with the precision I showed in my aircraft records.

What motivates Plane Spotters? I may not be the person to ask, as I gave it up 30 years ago to do it for a living, as an Air Traffic Controller. I suspect there may be the unreachable objective of seeing every aircraft in the world. I found I liked the spin-off things, such as the knowledge of geography- I knew the capital of Surinam and where it was when few of my contemporaries did. And stickers, of course. Stickers were quite important.

Do Plane Spotters have a sense of humour? Of course. Unbounded. You’ve heard of LAAS-the London Amateur Aviation Society? HK: Of course. Well, we used to sing “We are LAAS” to the tune of Gary Numan’s “We are Glass”.

More here

  • Art Workers Guild

    6 Queen Square, WC1N 3AT London, United Kingdom

    Hobbs.jpgThe AWG Table Top Museum – Open House 2019

    Sunday 22 September, 11 am – 6 pm

    The Art Workers’ Guild Table Top Museum is back for its fourth year, in conjunction with Open House weekend. Join us for an inventive celebration of the madness and the individual and extraordinary rules of those who collect, organised by Bro. Stephen Fowler.

    Come and delight in an exhibition of 23 installations, curated by Guild Brothers and others selected by invitation, featuring molluscs, plane spotters notebooks, stereoscopes, blank paper and the archive of Zenda, to name but a few.

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