Nothing about the B-21 Raider: Hushing the kitty

il_340x270.994120885_2ul5Years ago, when I was caught between a rock and hard place, my friend Eva suggested I start a blog. The site would be somewhere for me to develop my writing and a means to stop my heavily caffeinated brain from over-heating. I had previously worked as an editor for several aviation magazines, so aviation was an obvious subject. Here was a chance to explore all the subjects I had longed to cover in magazines but wasn’t allowed to. Freed from the responsibility of not offending aircraft manufacturers, air forces or ideologies, I could have fun. That blog became this thing.  45 thousand hours of work later I am delighted at the response I’ve received from the aviation enthusiast community, and their tolerance of my eccentricity! This site has given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people and research some utterly bizarre subjects.  I would very much like to continue this but Hush-Kit requires funds to function. Though you may see the odd advert on this site, they do not benefit me (they’re from wordpress). I’d rather not have a sponsor, though I could be persuaded by the right one, and would rather not have tons of adverts. This is where you come in you great big sexy aeroplane expert: Your Donations keep this going – as a thank you (and because someone told me to) I have added some incentives and goodies to Patreon supporters – some seriously good stuff there. Personally I prefer Paypal supporters (see button above) but there you go – choose the option you prefer. I thank you in advance for those who have the big heart to help this site.
The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes will feature the finest cuts from Hush-Kit along with exclusive new articles, explosive photography and gorgeous bespoke illustrations. Order The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes here
As a bribe: The first ten donations I get this week will receive a free limited edition Hush-Kit 2018 calendar (UK&Europe free P&P) 0_ce4d0_469ee77e_orig.jpg

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