What the public say about the big aviation issue


We gave the people what what they wanted. What did they want? A calendar with pictures of aeroplanes with gently sexualised images of the aircraft’s designers. But what did the public think of our calendars? We asked our beloved readers to find out…  

“I missed out on the 2017 calendar and I had an awful year. I will not make the same mistake again.”

— Chris Disraeli, Berlin

“What the hell is this? Oh, it’s got planes on it – the pictures are great, but why the old men in underwear?”

— Harold Herman, Uxbridge

“The puns are terrible and confusing, but I want this calendar”

— Gemma Winkler, Catolonia

“How do I get it? By emailing hushkiteditorial@gmail.com? Why isn’t there an online shop? I haven’t time to copy and paste an email address. Alright then, I’ve changed my mind. When will you get a proper online shop?”

— Dr Thomas Mann, Cockermouth

“Is there a Lightning on this? The English Electric one. There is? I’m in.”

— Dawn Fecundity, Egremont

“Oh! A really good Blackburn Skua cutaway…amazing!”

— Bertha Cowling, Madrid

Order your calendar while stocks last, yes it’s real. Email hushkiteditorial@gmail.com and support your second favourite aviation site.

Go on!

Go on!

Seriously, go on!



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