Design a fighter aircraft, win a prize


To celebrate the launch of the Hush-Kit 2018 calendar (a visual feast starring the greatest aircraft designers and their fantastic aircraft) we are asking you to design an aircraft.  The winner will receive one of our limited edition calendars. No need to worry, you will not need to perform detailed wind tunnel calculations, we simply ask to see an annotated sketch of the basic shape.

The first type we would like to design is:

A 1960 fighter aircraft 

Specs: The aircraft must have a range of at least 400 nautical miles. It must have a maximum speed over Mach 1.6. It should have a short take-off and landing performance. It should carry at least one cannon and four air-to-air missiles. The type should have a good dogfighting performance.

Rule: The type can only use technology available in 1960

The winner will be selected on the 28th December 2017.

The limited edition Calendar features

  • 12 Spectacular hand-drawn illustrations of the world’s greatest aircraft 
  • 13 aircraft designers in swimwear and other revealing outfits 
  • 25 Significant aviation dates across the year 
  • A boost in your social status in the eyes of other sophisticated aviation enthusiasts 

(this calendar is real by the way) 

Submit your designs to Twitter: @Hush-Kit or Email: 


  • Order your 2018 calendar through @Hush-Kit or
  • £16 + P&P





  1. Will.

    When you say “The type can only use technology available in 1960” are you talking about acknowledged technology at the time, technology now known to have been available at the time or the still secret stuff the Americans have in Area 52 as a result of that downed UFO in 1947? 😉

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