British Aerospace EAP (Paris Airshow 1987 – complete demonstration)

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  1. John Usher

    1983 it started, ‘Tranche 3’ development still in debate (I believe). Talk now seems to be of 4th vs 5th Generation fighters – and this is 4th(ish)? The time to get military aircraft into service is incredible, the length of time some stay in service also incredible (e.g. KC135, B52, T38, C130), and nobody can say whether they will be any good until push comes to shove, and it depends upon what the opposition has (or doesn’t have) and how they use it (or not) – e.g. is an A10 any use where there is not air supremacy? Will ‘Stealth’ (or ‘Low Observeables) win out over agility? Will long wavelength or ‘Quantum’ radar render stealth invalid? It all seems rather long, expensive and inconclusive. Ho Hum.

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