How you can help the Hush-Kit aviation blog


Thank you for reading Hush-Kit. Our site is absolutely free and we have no advertisements. If you’ve enjoyed an article you can donate here– it doesn’t have to be a large amount, every pound is gratefully received. If you can’t afford to donate anything then don’t worry.

At the moment our contributors do not receive any payment but we’re hoping to reward them for their fascinating stories in the future.

As a thank you….


Those who donate more than £50 may ask for a short article on a particular subject.

Those who donate more than £100 may ask for a long article on a particular subject.


  1. elleetoo

    Not sure I can spare a ton, but I’m willing to join a club of readers who want to read a very long article about the Napier Nomad, and are willing to pay a tenner each. Who’s with me?

  2. Lloyd Crawford

    I just put a tenner in and I’m happy for you to write about anything- regardless of the subject, it’s always an engaging (and often very very funny) read.

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