Mystery cockpit #1

Can you identify this? No cheating please.MartinSpear5Cockpit


  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Goodie goodie…
    Another mystery picture on this rainy Sunday afternoon.

    My gut feeling


  2. syntaxerror9

    Gloster Meteor.
    May i suggest you to change size, angle or contrast or something else until we can’t use anymore “search that image on google”.
    With very few changes it works well.

  3. Flouncy

    I don’t think it’s a Meteor – this one has an asymmetrical canopy strut arrangement. The Meteor has one on each side, this has none on the right, and also has a hint of a second strut on the left to compound confusion…

  4. Flouncy

    My mistake too – definitely a Meteor 🙂 Dunno why the right strut is missing though. Perhaps removed from the original pic to confuse the Germans at the time, and me 70 years later.

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