Fascinating picture of camo-scheme Su-15



  1. @CombatAir

    Su-15TM, and judging by the scenery looks like it’s at Astrakhan. I would guess it’s about to do some live-fire with R-98s (outboard) and R-60s (inboard). Some sources suggest the aircraft itself was assigned to the 54th GvIAP based at Vainode in the Latvian SSR. However, that would mean it was a long, long way from home.

  2. Henrik Gram Jensen

    Great photo indeed and also very likeley that this Su-15TM belonged to the 54th GvIAP at the moment !! Home-based at Vainode, Latvian SSR, close to the Baltic Sea, this three-squadron Aviation Regiment along with all other PVO air defence units ( and many Warsaw Pact squadrons as well ) deployed all year round to the vast Privolzhskiy-airbase in the Astrakhan Oblast for live missile shootings. During the 1980s Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian fighter squadrons have been noter there among the myriad of Soviet fighter squadrons as well – so its indeed very possible that this rare bird came all the way from Latvia for live missile shootints at Privolzhskiy.

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