Mystery of the P-996 Lazer Fighter Jet solved?

In an earlier post I tried to understand the reasons for the configuration of the P-996 Lazer Fighter Jet from Grand Theft Auto 5. Though the article was tongue in cheek some questions did remain. Why had Rockstar Games modified the appearance of the F-16? Apart from the novelty factor and as an exercise in creative design, there may be another reason. I was recently talking to the 3D modeller Francis Bennett and we came on to this subject. He noted that some aircraft manufacturers (notably several) in the US require permission for their designs to be used in games. Apparently this even extends to World War II aircraft, with this in mind it may be that the appearance of the P-996 was the result of a thwarted request to Lockheed Martin to use the form of the real F-16. A modified F-16 could be modified from existing 3D models, saving both time and effort.

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  1. Charlot

    Copyright is everywhere. Take a look at this quote from the website of the game Warthunder:
    © 2009—2014 by Gaijin Entertainment. Gaijin and War Thunder are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Gaijin Entertainment or its licensors, all other logos are trademarks of their respective owners. F-84 Thunderjet, XF5F-1 Skyrocket, XP-50, F4F-3 Wildcat, F4F-4 Wildcat, F4U-1A Corsair, F4U-1B Corsair, F4U-1C Corsair, F6F-3 Hellcat, F8F-1 Bearcat, F8F-1B Bearcat, F9F-2 Panther, F9F-5 Panther, OS2U-1 Kingfisher, OS2U-3 Kingfisher, P-47D-25 Thunderbolt, and P-47D-28 Thunderbolt are trademarks of Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation and are used under license to Gaijin Entertainment.LOCKHEED MARTIN, CONSOLIDATED B-24 LIBERATOR, CONSOLIDATED PBY CATALINA, LOCKHEED HUDSON, LOCKHEED MARAUDER, LOCKHEED VENTURA, LOCKHEED P-38 LIGHTNING , LOCKHEED F-80 SHOOTING STAR, associated emblems and logos, and body designs of vehicles are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Lockheed Martin Corporation in the USA and/or other jurisdictions, used under license by Gaijin Entertainment.P-39 and P-63 emblems, logos, and body designs are trademarks of Textron Innovations Inc. and are used under license by Gaijin Entertainment.

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