The Hush-Kit aviation forum is now open!


I wanted to set up an aviation forum freed from the tiresome ranting and gobbledegook that plagues most sites- so I did. If you’d like to get involved in well-informed polite debates on aviation subjects of any kind, then click here and get posting. I very much look forward to hearing from you. 


  1. Peter Keane

    So it seems the RAF will find theirselves back on combat Ops in Iraq soon,my Grandad was there late 1930’s flying Westland Wapiti’s! I would love to still be able to hear what he thinks of our current situation,I think the Islamic Caliphate might be regretting not having an Air Force soon.Unfortunately their current atrocities are only providing more reason for the ‘shoot them all and ask questions later’ factions in the West to escalate,and the use of Airpower,esp UCAV is far more attractive Politically,than ‘Boots on the ground’ Of course this may well be their intention.

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