Hush-kit awards for best-looking aircraft in production 2014: Category 6: Military helicopters

It seems that Hush-Kit readers like the macho, brutal appearance of helicopter gunships.

Bronze award: CAIC Z-10

If a Rafale had a drunken one-night stand with a Mangusta, the resultant child would look like the Z-10 (especially during its teenage goth phase).


Silver: Kawasaki OH-1 helicopter
A perky piscine chopper. A neat, sculpted shape and a good paint-job go a long way for this Japanese scout.


Gold: Kamov Ka-50/52

Kamov’s ‘werewolf’ is hardly pretty. But its mean, muscular form found favour with Hush-Kit readers. The extreme aesthetic of this Russian helicopter sit it somewhere between an armoured car, a robot shark and a combine harvester!


One comment

  1. Thenut

    The Kamov looks so unapologetic-ly Soviet, I love it! Props to the Chinese with the Z-10, not many chinese aircraft/helo’s stand out in the beauty category.

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