Competition to give Sukhoi PAK FA a ‘NATO reporting name’

The Russians cannot be trusted to give their aircraft emotive English language names. Luckily for them, NATO helped them with this throughout the Cold War. The assigned code-names ranged from the cool (‘Foxhound’) to the bizarre (‘Fishbed’) to the slightly unsavoury (‘Fiddler’). Sadly this now seems to be over. Should we let these exciting aircraft be known only by a bland designation? NO!

We’re running a competition to give the PAK FA a HRN (Hush-Kit Reporting Name) . The winning entry will be sent to Sukhoi’s public relations department and hopefully they will read it, like it, and adopt the name.


1. The name must begin with ‘F’.

2. It must contain two syllables.

3. Names to be submitted by Twitter only.  Address to @Hush_Kit with hashtag



  1. amazing man

    Name the Pak fa “frightener” cause it’ll scare anyone it meets. Call the j20 “dragonking” and the j31 “dragoncub”.

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