Hush-Kit Top Ten: The ten best-looking Belgian aircraft

                                                              Normal aeroplanes are too practical for the surreal Belgians to spend too much time on.
From the death of  birdman Vincent de Groof in 1874 to the nightmarish flyers of Magritte (above)..through the sporty motifs of Hergé’s planes to the escapist wonder-machines of the artist Panamarenko (below) most of the finest Belgian flying machines were imagined. Luckily some did escape into the real world. Here are ten pretty Belgian aeroplanes for your enjoyment.
10. Tipsy Nipper
 9. Renard R35
8. Stampe et Vertongen SV.5 Tornado
7. Renard Epervier
6. Avions Fairey Fox
5.Tipsy Belfair
4. Stampe et Vertongen SV.4 
3. Renard R.36
2. Renard R.31
1. Avions Fairey Firefly II


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Type selection by Ed Ward. If you enjoyed this, have  a look at the top ten British, French, Swedish, Australian,  Japanese and German aeroplanes.

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  1. apron6

    We know how to make good looking planes! I personally like the Tipsy planes, but I think the Tipsy Trainer is the best looking. SV-4 has given me already some very nice memories 🙂

    • Roelant

      officially that one was british, but the designer was belgian (he also designed the swordfish, albacore and Barracuda

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