Hush-Kit Top Ten: The 10 best-looking Italian aeroplanes

As you may know from our feature on the glorious Fiat G.95 and our riotous history of Italian fighters, we love Italian aeroplanes. Ahhh, with their crazy long noses, sumptuous curves and certain eloquio, Italy has produced wildly charismatic flying machines. Picking a mere ten was tough, but we made our choices. Beware however, not all of these machines are friendly to the pilot, or to put it another way- Bella in vista, dentro è trista!

10. Fiat G.91


9. Piaggio Pc.7


8. Piaggio Avanti


7.FIAT CR.32 


6. FIAT G.59

5. Breda-Zappata BZ.308


4. Macchi M.C. 205 

3.Savoia-Marchetti SM.65

2. Macchi M.C.72

1.Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario

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  2. Jakob

    I’m not a fan of the DB-engined fighters’ looks – they always seemed somehow lugubrious to me. (The later Bf109 marks were no great beauties, but were still somehow sleeker than their Italian equivalents.) Compare the difference between the pedestrian G.55 and the rather stunning G.59. Also, I’d have picked the CR.42 over the CR.32 for looks any day of the week, as the latter’s radiator spoils the lines for me.

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