Hush-Kit awards for best-looking aircraft in production 2014: Category 11: Amphibious/seaplanes/flying boats

Let’s get salty with the awards for category 11!

Bronze: Dornier Seastar

It’s as if the Dornier Do 18 stuck on a pair of Marty McFly’s Nikes and hopped into the future. OK, it’s not strictly in production now, but it’s such a cutie we’re willing to flout our own rules to include it.


Silver: Beriev Be-200

It’s jet-powered, it can put out fires, it can land on lakes: the Bereiv Be-200 is a superb and characterful machine, with looks to match. We love it!


Gold: ShinMaywa US-2

In a world of grey plastic military jets and white homogenous airliners, there’s few real aeroplanes being built, one big exception is the fantastic US-2. The US-2 had to be the winner: if Captain Haddock was looking to pick up chicks this would be his vehicle of choice.Image

Just look at it!


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