Caption contest



  1. Jober

    That moment when you lock eyes with your boss and realize that you both mis-read the Heavy Ordnance Assembly Division memo about approved Halloween Week attire.

  2. Dana John Nield

    “Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then launchest thou thy Holy Air to Air Missile of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.”

  3. Glen Towler

    This bomb has a anti atheist homing device. It can be dropped some 3 miles from suspected atheists hide outs. Yours for US $500,000 each.

  4. Stuart Flockhart

    “(sigh) Yes, I suppose you’re right. When you look at it that way, it’s a VERY orthodox weapon system.”

  5. Graham

    “So, the one on your left will hit your target but cost ten million dollars. The one on your right will usually hit your own troops or a nearby hosipital but costs two million dollars. Which do you want to buy?”
    *murmurs of serious debate*
    “Can you knock 10% off if we buy a thousand per week?”

  6. Guerry

    (Wow… Tough acts to follow!) – “And here, your Holinesses, is how we mass baptize people and put the rest on the road to righteousness.”

  7. Justin

    “Look, Noah had the boat, Moses got the tablets. Between God and me though, it’s bombs. Prophets or profits, it’s all the same to me.”

  8. Large

    You’ve been chosen for this rapid reaction missionary mission because you’re the best of the best, but also because we wanted priests thin enough to fit inside the launch vehicles. Although looking at some of you I think we’ll need more of the MK3 behind me.

  9. Kas

    “Ok Fellas, this is the ‘Black Horse’ or as I like to call it, ‘The Faminator!’. Pop this baby off and Constantine will turn pagan!”

  10. g2-34e14eb31ae205e2b10bbac0204a7a19Renn

    “And this one we call the Iran, as in “I ran so far away”, y’now the Flock of Seagulls song? No? Never mind, a little attempt at humour there, moving along long to this model which we call the Iraq…”

    “Now the Greek Orthodox Church, those heretic idolaters, is placing a big order for this model.”

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