What is the best looking aircraft currently in production? Have your say

What is the best looking aircraft currently in production?

Have your say.
Categories (must currently be in production)
1. Fighter
2. Frontline military (non-fighter)
3. Military transport
4. Military other
5. Military STOVL
6. Military helicopters
7. Military trainers/LIFT
8. Airliners (larger)
9. Airliners (smaller)
10. Business jet
11. Amphibious/seaplanes/flying boats
12.  Light aircraft (non homebuilds)
13. Homebuilds
14. Aerobatic
15. Gliders
16. Civil helicopters
17. Emergency service helicopters
18. Other

I look forward to seeing your choices!

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  1. Zinovev

    Fighter: Su-35s (especially in the dark grey colour scheme…jeez)
    Frontline military: Su 34
    Military Stovl: F-35 (any alternatives?)
    Military transport: probably the C-130 J
    Military Helicopters: Kamov Ka 50 (mean as hell)
    Large Airliner: 747-800
    Smaller Airliner: 787

    Not enough of an expert on the other categories, would need some thinking

  2. pickledwings

    Fighter: Dassault Rafale (That’s not just a plane, that’s ART!)
    Military Transport: CASA 295
    Military Helicopter: Mil Mi-24/35 “Hind” (Classic icon of the Cold War and still a sight to behold)
    Large Airliner: Illyushin Il-96
    Small Airliner: Embraer E-190
    Business Jet: Embraer Legacy 600
    Civil Helicopter: Augusta A109
    Other: Let L-410 Turbolet

  3. Clemens Vasters (@clemensv)

    1. Fighter: Dassault Rafale
    2. Frontline military (non-fighter): Tupolev Tu-160
    3. Military transport: Boeing C-17
    4. Military other: BAE Taranis
    6. Military helicopters: Kamov Ka-50
    8. Airliners (larger): Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
    9. Airliners (smaller): Boeing 737-900
    16. Civil helicopters: Airbus EC135

  4. ths

    1. Fighter : Dassault Rafale
    3. Military transport : A400M
    4. Military other : Dassault nEUROn
    5. Military STOVL : V22
    6. Military helicopters : Black Hawk
    8. Airliners (larger) : A380
    10. Business jet : Falcon 5x
    16. Civil helicopters : EC175

  5. Onama

    1. Fighter:JAS 39 Gripen
    2. Frontline military (non-fighter):B-1
    3. Military transport:C-27J Spartan
    4. Military other:TRDI/Kawasaki P-1
    5. Military STOVL:Yak-141
    6. Military helicopters:Kawasaki OH-1
    7. Military trainers/LIFT:Pilatus PC-21
    8. Airliners (larger):B-737NG
    9. Airliners (smaller):Q400
    10. Business jet:Dassault Falcon2000
    11. Amphibious/seaplanes/flying boats:ShinMaywa US-2
    18. Other:Piaggio P.180 Avanti

  6. Corvid72

    1. Fighter SU-35S Flanker E
    2. Frontline military (non-fighter) F-18G Growler
    3. Military transport C-130J (I love the Hercules)
    4. Military other AC-130U Spectre
    5. Military STOVL MV-22 Osprey (Becuase tilt-rotor)
    6. Military helicopters MH-60K (SOAR)
    8. Airliners (larger) Boeing 747-800 series
    9. Airliners (smaller) Boeing 757 (I know that it is not in production, I just love it)
    16. Civil helicopters S-76 C++
    17. Emergency service helicopters EH101 (CAF Cormorant SAR Helicopter)
    18. For other I chose a fictional aircraft: The FFR-31MR D Super Sylph from the OVA Yukikaze. It’s just damn beautiful

  7. Gray Stanback

    Let’s see. . .
    1.Fighter– F-22 Raptor
    2. Frontline Military– B-2 Spirit
    3. Military Transport– C-17 Globemaster
    4. Military Other– SR-71 Blackbird
    5. Military STOVL–V-22 Osprey
    6. Military helicopter– Kamov Ka-50 “Hokum”
    7. Military trainer– Yak-130
    8. Large airliner– Boeing 777
    9. Small airliner– Bombardier C-series
    10. Business jet– Dassault Falcon 2000
    11. Amphibious/Seaplane– ICON A5 if prototypes count, Bombardier 415 if they don’t.
    12. Light Aircraft– Cessna 162
    13. Homebuilt– Rutan Long-EZ
    14. Aerobatic– Extra 300
    15. Glider–DG Fleugzeugbau DG-1000
    16. Civil Helicopter–EuroCopter Ecureuil/A-Star
    17. Emegency Helicopter–Eurocopter Dauphin
    18. Other– White Knight Two/ SpaceShipTwo

      • Gray Stanback

        Ah yes, I see. Then it’ll be
        Fighter– Eurofighter Typhoon
        Frontline Military– Tu-160 (not really any other choice, since the last B-2 was build in 2000)
        Military Other– RQ-4 Global Hawk

  8. Ron Gleichner

    Learjet Model 25F – It’s for business, but shape is beautiful like a little fighter, and Lear was an aeronautic genius

  9. Sébastien Clavier

    1 – Rafale M
    3 – A400M
    5 – V-22 Osprey
    6 – EC665 Tiger
    8 – A380
    9 – ATR 72-600
    10 – Falcon 7X
    16 – EC175

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